When you are getting major building work done on your property, depending on the work you may need to apply for planning permission or go through building control. Both the departments will require you to make an application and submit plans for the proposed works.

At Sandhay Constructions we can help guide you through the whole process as smoothly as possible and recommend architects and structural engineers who can undertake the preparation of drawings to ensure all the legal requirement are met.

Building Regulation

Not all developments require planning permission as some building work can be done under permitted development as permitted by the council. The regulation relating to this are always changing and it is best to get the most up to date advice from an architect. Your local council can also guide you on what work can be carried out without the need of a planning permission. For further information click here or contact us

Planning Permission

Planning permission is separate to building regulations. Planning permission is asking for permission from council to get the construction work done.  For further information click here or contact us


Single storey rear extensions can be constructed under building regulation (subject to conditions). For double storey extension or extension(s) that may affect the appearance of front elevation of the property, you will require a planning permission.

Loft Conversion

The regulation for lofts are always changing, so it best to speak to an planner or an architect. Different loft types include Velux, Hip to Gable and Mansard conversion. We can design, convert and finish your loft to a high standard. For further information contact us now.